Jazz for a Lazy Wedding Day

After almost ten years in the biz, we hear a lot of music.  Ok, not nearly as much as the DJ’s, but enough that we have seen many of the same songs played…not for first dances, no judgement there…but during dinner! Yes, this is an article about dinner music. That mundane, background sound that carries [...]

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Top 3 Types Wedding Veils

Everyone who wears a veil, headpiece, hat, comb, clip or scarf on her wedding day has oodles of different sizes, shapes, hems and fabrics to choose from when it comes to how to decorate our hair.  It’s well known now that traditionally brides were “hidden” from evil spirits under those long veils, and the bridesmaids [...]

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Wedding Math

It’s that time of year again for us – investing lots of time and resources into booking brides for 2016 – 2017.  It’s always an exciting (and a little nerve-wrecking) time, because we always get to meet a lot of really lovely people while at the same time we are making the same case, over [...]

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Getting Shredded before you’re Wedded

We have posted about fitness and health options before because, well, I’m all about exercising, eating right and being healthy as a lifestyle. But I understand that not everyone is super into fitness, or doesn’t have time, inclination, ability, or interest in doing it as a lifestyle. So I wanted to show you a list [...]

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Something Eerie for Halloween

I adore Halloween.  Like I am obsessed.  I think it’s the candy.  Or maybe the Fall weather.  Definitely the orange (my favorite color).  Or the excuse to dress up.  Or the marketing.  Those marketers.  They have me buying more Halloween stuff every year.  Thankfully now I can excuse my purchases because I want to “create [...]

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Bill & Steph {Aug 29 2015}

Bill and Stephanie were married on what was likely the foggiest day of August, but that certainly did not dampen their spirits, nor their vivacious wedding party, super fun guests, and made for some beautiful photography around Milwaukee.  They were a lovely, gracious, poised and wonderful couple who were so happy to be getting married [...]

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Megan & Chris {May 22 2015}

It was about 1.5 years of planning, some meetings, design thoughts, and honestly lots of laid back decision making.  Megan and Chris are sweet – on each other and with others – and they wanted a wedding day that was not only all about the actual “getting married” part, but something vintage and classic, rustic [...]

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The Cake!

I am so asking Cakes by Erin Salerno to do this – a golden, glistening two-tiered cake covered in luster dust with a cute Hello Kitty holding up the Birthday Girl’s number!  I’m tempted to ask for vanilla cake, but Hannah has asked for chocolate with pink buttercream filling.  She’s got style, that’s for sure!

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Finished Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations

Well, everything’s been printed up – I used a local printer for the 10 invitations and it cost me about $8 total.  Then, after cutting them out and getting hot pink envelopes (I used A7 size for the roughly 5×7 cards) from Amazon, I put on some gold stamping glue to decorate the little middle [...]

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Why It’s Been Few & Far Between

Sigh…you know us ladies…one of us is always having a baby!  Between all the Golden Chic girls, since starting Golden Chic in 2006, we’ve had 10 babies between us all.  Meet the latest addition, which is why I’ve been absentee over the past few months.  And Baby #11 (Cara’s!) should arrive in August sometime.  This [...]

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