Top 3 Types Wedding Veils

Everyone who wears a veil, headpiece, hat, comb, clip or scarf on her wedding day has oodles of different sizes, shapes, hems and fabrics to choose from when it comes to how to decorate our hair.  It’s well known now that traditionally brides were “hidden” from evil spirits under those long veils, and the bridesmaids [...]

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Best Dessert Tables

Dessert bars are still the rage here and there.  Actually, we have seen some pretty fun twists on the dessert table from couples who prefer not to have cake (whether because they want something different, don’t like cake, or a mix of the two).  Of course, there’s always cupcakes, or mini cupcakes, which are fun [...]

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Wedding Math

It’s that time of year again for us – investing lots of time and resources into booking brides for 2016 – 2017.  It’s always an exciting (and a little nerve-wrecking) time, because we always get to meet a lot of really lovely people while at the same time we are making the same case, over [...]

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Fashionable Comfortable Bride-able

I was recently lucky enough to get the Reebok catalog in the mail (never had received one before – I must have bought something that put me on their list).  It showed up with the back cover facing up, so it was the first thing I saw, and I think I about drooled. Their copper [...]

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More Gorgeousness {Megan & Chris}

Some more shots of the gorgeous May wedding of Megan and Chris!  Thanks Craig John Photography!

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Hello Kitty Golden Birthday Party

Well, my daughter turns 3 in July (and there’s no time like the present to start planning) and she’s asked for a Hello Kitty theme.  Our efforts to keep her from buying into the merchandise just didn’t work, though I’m convinced if it was Hello Puppy she wouldn’t care (she loves kitties only).  Anyway, this [...]

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Lauren & Derek {October 11 2014}

Young love.  Forever love.  These two childhood sweethearts truly were, in complete honesty, so sweet themselves.  They were so excited to get married and so in love – I was nearby when they walked down the aisle in complete euphoria, and as I ushered them into the private back room of church, Derek whooped out: [...]

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