Summer {Owner}

Summer WhiteEagle is the owner of Golden Chic Events. She was with Golden Chic Events as an Executive Head Planner since early 2014, and bought Golden Chic Events from the previous owner, Sara Dahmen, in early 2017.

Outside of her work in event planning and consulting, she is a Program Director and Instructor for Hospitality Management at a regionally accredited private college in Wisconsin and the Director of Fundraising for the Southern Wisconsin Chapter of the National Association of Catering and Events. Her 17 years of experience in hospitality and event management is credentialed by numerous awards and accolades including distinctions in academics and in event management. Summer has a BS in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management and MS in Training and Human Resource Development from the University of Wisconsin – Stout.

With her five years on the Champion’s and PGA Tours in event management and her role as Director of Food and Beverage for one of the largest casino resorts in the Midwest, she possesses the experience and knowledge needed to create, plan, and execute events both domestically and abroad.

Her breadth of experience, creativity and logistical management melded with her eye for detail and problem solving ensures that having her at your big day will mean event success! In her limited spare time, Summer loves to travel, fish and spend time with her two dogs, Oliver and Minnow.