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Our Anniversary Party!

Well, it’s all over.  And I have to admit, for a day or so, I had the same let-down that I remember getting after our real wedding day – the soaring adrenaline crashes, you’ve had a lot of drinks, and you’re left with a house full of flowers and a ton of photographs.  Nothing can [...]

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Wedding Anniversary Favors!

In the chance I’ll be giving away the secret of my favors to any of my guests reading this blog this week, I just have to say how excited I am for my favors to be done this week!!  I’m a huge fan of edible favors – mainly because they get “used” as opposed to [...]

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Finished Invitations

So the fabulous Deb of Centennial Press dropped of a ton of hand-cut and hand-printed pieces for my 5 year wedding anniversary party.  They are seriously amazing, with each piece hand printed by her Gocco printer, with minute detailed cuttings on the edges, luxuriously vintage ribbon and beautiful design work. I hope all my guests [...]

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Anniversary Linens

When I got married, a lot of people in my hometown were like “what are chair covers?!  fancy linens?” and so I didn’t have anything beyond simple short white table clothes and maroon banquet chairs.  Again, no one noticed except me, because they were all having way too much fun, but I’ve always wanted the [...]

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Anniversary Flowers

Vicki of La Tulipe and I went to a big wholesaler and scoped out dozens of rooms of flowers, accessories, vases and greenery for the Anniversary Party in August.  It’s a bit difficult to finalize this yearly, so we just picked out delicious shapes and hues before talking in depth to one of the employees [...]

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Anniversary Invitation

I’ve absolutely LOVED working with Centennial Press Design on our party invitations.  Deb has listened very carefully to what we were looking for, and came up with some great ideas that I can’t wait to see in the flesh!  She initially started with the two pieces of thought: 5 Year Wedding Anniversary is wood and [...]

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Anniversary Menu

It’s official:  the amazing Shully’s Cuisine is doing our catering and open bar for our little shindig in the backyard for our five year anniversary party.  Not only will we have a bartender taking care of everyone’s drinks so we can relax as hosts, but we’ll have some passed appetizers and wonderful servers taking over our [...]

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Our Five Year Anniversary Party

I married John five years ago come this September.  In that time, we’ve worked, traveled, studied, bought a house, had a baby, mowed lawn, gone for walks, visited family and generally felt insanely lucky to have what we do…and most importantly, have each other.  Our wedding day was complete with over 400 guests, a smashing [...]

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