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Using Food for Fun Gifts

We’ll be trying some more of these out this weekend (the husband and I are celebrating 10 years – 10 YEARS! – of wedded bliss) because they sound fun and will inspire the children to cook more with us and try even more unusual foods. If you and your friends, bridesmaids, groomsmen or family are [...]

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Best Experiential Wedding Gifts: Spring 2016

It’s fashionable, these days, to have an “experiential” wedding – you know, those couples who rock climb and exchange vows on the top of an obscure narrow peak of rock in the middle of a desert.  Which is killer awesome, but totally not always something someone can do.  Budget, for one.  Or physical ability.  Or [...]

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Cute Little Headdress

We have been falling for adorable headdresses – both brides and flower girls alike! But these are our current favorites.  Check them out and dream! (PS – all photos are property of the person(s) / shop owners!) Blushy Ivory and Gold And this really cool vintagy one with a whole different vibe! And then there’s [...]

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Jazz for a Lazy Wedding Day

After almost ten years in the biz, we hear a lot of music.  Ok, not nearly as much as the DJ’s, but enough that we have seen many of the same songs played…not for first dances, no judgement there…but during dinner! Yes, this is an article about dinner music. That mundane, background sound that carries [...]

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Top 3 Types Wedding Veils

Everyone who wears a veil, headpiece, hat, comb, clip or scarf on her wedding day has oodles of different sizes, shapes, hems and fabrics to choose from when it comes to how to decorate our hair.  It’s well known now that traditionally brides were “hidden” from evil spirits under those long veils, and the bridesmaids [...]

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Best Dessert Tables

Dessert bars are still the rage here and there.  Actually, we have seen some pretty fun twists on the dessert table from couples who prefer not to have cake (whether because they want something different, don’t like cake, or a mix of the two).  Of course, there’s always cupcakes, or mini cupcakes, which are fun [...]

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Wedding Math

It’s that time of year again for us – investing lots of time and resources into booking brides for 2016 – 2017.  It’s always an exciting (and a little nerve-wrecking) time, because we always get to meet a lot of really lovely people while at the same time we are making the same case, over [...]

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Holiday at Home

Well, it’s that time of year again.  Going out to parties, hosting parties, and having a really good couple of meals.  We feel half the fun of throwing a dinner party is, of course, the designing of it!  Which is why we’ve invested in a few key pieces that make any meal look festive for [...]

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Happy Holidays

Happy holidays from all of us at Golden Chic to all of you! See you in 2016! Photo by Front Room  

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Getting Shredded before you’re Wedded

We have posted about fitness and health options before because, well, I’m all about exercising, eating right and being healthy as a lifestyle. But I understand that not everyone is super into fitness, or doesn’t have time, inclination, ability, or interest in doing it as a lifestyle. So I wanted to show you a list [...]

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