Using Food for Fun Gifts

We’ll be trying some more of these out this weekend (the husband and I are celebrating 10 years – 10 YEARS! – of wedded bliss) because they sound fun and will inspire the children to cook more with us and try even more unusual foods.

If you and your friends, bridesmaids, groomsmen or family are big into food…or there’s only a small tight-knit group of you in your wedding party, consider trying out some of the pre-packaged ingredients that make for some super fun cooking experiments with the heavy lifting already done for you.

So picture this: some crisp beverages, a campfire (or fire in the fireplace if you’re so inclined), some good music, and you and your besties hanging out in the kitchen with some aprons, grilling tools, and an inexpensive but highly hands-on memory making experience.  It may not take the place of a bachelor/bachelorette night, but it’s definitely something you could do as a group, or in lieu (or during!) a bridal shower.  Plus, you get the food of your labors to boot.

Favorite Organic: Green Chef (meals start at $11/per person)

Favorite Easy Meal Option: Terra’s Kitchen (meals start at $10/per person)

Smoothies!: Greenblender


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