Best Experiential Wedding Gifts: Spring 2016

It’s fashionable, these days, to have an “experiential” wedding – you know, those couples who rock climb and exchange vows on the top of an obscure narrow peak of rock in the middle of a desert.  Which is killer awesome, but totally not always something someone can do.  Budget, for one.  Or physical ability.  Or maybe the 347 relatives would be mightily upset if they couldn’t attend the nuptials.  Not enough space on that spindle of rock.

It’s also becoming in vogue to give couples something experiential for their wedding gift.  In the age of acceptance, when many pairs co-habit before wedding bells, many couples already have the trappings of household necessities, making shower and wedding gifts inconsequential, or, at best, unneeded.  There’s something a bit deflating about gifting a set of fluffy white towels to a bride, who demurely says, “why thank you, now we can be rid of our old set!”

When I was married, the idea of an “experiential” gift was still quite novel, and involved a gift card to a bed and breakfast a few hours away from our new home.  Which was a stellar gift, mind you.  A weekend away meant we’d actually hang out, watch movies, and go out for dinner instead of working on yet another frustrating house project.  So it was fantastic.

But now, there are actual companies who specialize in creating one-of-a-kind experiences for people.  Across the globe, you can find irresistible ways to gift a view of a lifetime to the couple who already has nearly everything material necessary.  From caves filled with glowing algae to the breathtaking panorama on a glacier, if you’re still thinking about what to ask for on your registry or to use that wedding money toward, consider a few of these spectacularly awesome offerings, and go live a little larger!

Glamping at the Ranch on Rock Creek in Montana

Learn about and interact with dolphins at DolphinLab in Grassy Key, FL

Get certified to be certified scuba divers with Aquatic Adventures

Become a cheese aficionado with a class at Murray’s Cheese in New York

Take in a yoga retreat at San Francisco’s Zen Center

Get serious about pure and organic food and cooking with classes at Rooted Nutrition in Vancouver

And there are many others, of course.  The best thing is – whatever a couple is into…there’s something for everyone!

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