Jazz for a Lazy Wedding Day

After almost ten years in the biz, we hear a lot of music.  Ok, not nearly as much as the DJ’s, but enough that we have seen many of the same songs played…not for first dances, no judgement there…but during dinner!

Yes, this is an article about dinner music.

That mundane, background sound that carries you through cocktails, salads, entrees and the start of dessert – that stuff.

We know that some classics are meant to be used, but I think Frank Sinatra would be a little shocked to realize how much his voice is used as a soothing, barely-heard backdrop to the clink of silverware and light roar of wedding dinners.

This is our call to think outside the box.  You don’t need to be blasting ’80′s rock, by any means.  Your guests still need to hear each other talk across tables.  But try something else on for size.  Instead of yet another rendition of “It’s a Wonderful World” why not tap into some more unique soundscapes to eat by?

Some new favorites (if you don’t have to Google these people, bravo!):

Bradley Leighton, a flutist, for some upbeat yet soothing jazzy swing.

Anything from Kevin Spacey in his turn in the movie Beyond the Sea

Dianne Reeves for some sultry vintage crooning

Diana Krall.  The woman’s deep vocals and amazing piano is awesome

And then there’s blues and jazz.  Think Chet Baker and Herbie Nichols.  If you want to try someone even more obscure, look to Hugh Laurie.  Yes, he’s an English actor.  Also an amazing blues artist.

For a little international flavor, key into some classic Coralie Clement, Charles Trenet or Eartha Kitt.

These should get you checking out iTunes.  Just remember – even though it’s half-way subliminal, you can create a unique atmosphere during dinner as well as the dance.  Give your DJ’s something a little new to play, and your guests will take note.  Pun intended.

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