Top 3 Types Wedding Veils

Everyone who wears a veil, headpiece, hat, comb, clip or scarf on her wedding day has oodles of different sizes, shapes, hems and fabrics to choose from when it comes to how to decorate our hair.  It’s well known now that traditionally brides were “hidden” from evil spirits under those long veils, and the bridesmaids were there to “confuse” the spirits on which woman was the real bride.  Still, regardless of the tradition’s roots, there’s nothing quite like donning one of the ethereal head pieces to make one feel just a tad more magical.

Over the years, we have seen countless breathtaking choices from our brides – each one somehow fits the style of the wedding and the bride herself, whether it’s an heirloom piece or a small nod toward the veil in the shape of a comb.  We’ve narrowed down the three styles that are most easily discernible – knowing that many other styles fall somewhere around each of these – but likely you’ll find yourself drawn to one of the categories below.  And whatever your notions that you “only” want a short veil – we always stand by our recommendation to try on everything and anything.  You really only plan to do this once, right?  Live it up!

The Small:

This category includes everything from combs and headbands to flower crowns, sparkly combs, fascinators, bubble veils, and anything that stops short at the shoulder.  These are excellent for traditional brides (especially in terms of the bubble veil) or trendy ones (flower crowns, fascinators, vintage combs) or those who just want to show off their gorgeous hair style.  This also seems to be a favorite of second-time brides or brides who are past their blushing twenties.  But thankfully with weddings, there are no real rules.

Photo credits by Hanle Productions and Jennifer Johnson Photography

The Medium:

These are the veils that are from the shoulders to the end of your hands (otherwise called fingertip veils) and what we love about these is that they are elegant but still serve some good practicality.  They are not so long that you have to wind them up when you walk, and they still have some good drama for photographs.  They are often a great length to be edged with lace, appliques and lots of sparkles if you are so inclined and work for pretty much anyone.  This is a good place to start looking for veils if you don’t want to worry about making a trend statement (like vintage combs can) or be overly traditional (like the long length veils are).  And they can be as chic as all can be!

Photography by Front Room

The Long:

Any veil that goes past your knees is a long veil – and these can be floor length, chapel length or cathedral length.  (The cathedral lengths are for those who like to go all out!  Those are amazing!)  The drama of these in photographs is heavenly, and the traditionalists can grab the ones edged with lace of varying thickness.  We love that these can make a young woman look “all grown up into a bride” or wreath the bride in a glorious haze of tulle as she walks down the aisle.

Photograph by Spottswood Photography


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