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Well, it’s that time of year again.  Going out to parties, hosting parties, and having a really good couple of meals.  We feel half the fun of throwing a dinner party is, of course, the designing of it!  Which is why we’ve invested in a few key pieces that make any meal look festive for pretty much any holiday (but they are best used during the December ones!) and pull them out with a few other decorations to make the tablescape really glow and glimmer.  I’m looking forward to using some of these yet again for the New Year (we’re having friends over and doing carry-out fancy sushi…because we all have kids and are currently boring…but we can still make it look awesome).

Here’s a few key pieces that will make your kitchen or dining table shine throughout the rest of the week:

1. Gold chargers or gold plates.  I found mine on One King’s Lane and they’re these lovely glass pieces made in Turkey and lined with gold leaf.  But Target usually has them online, as do other sources like Party City, where they are made from a good hearty plastic and are painted silver or gold with varying designs.  I’ve got silver ones that I use when I don’t feel like hand-washing the gold ones. In my opinion, the plastic ones are worth investing in a few colors for a handful of dollars, especially if you like to entertain!  They can always double as serving platters.

2. Interesting shaped goblets for water or wine.  The stemmless ones are pretty overused, so I’ve been looking for vintage glassware (happened to be lucky enough to lately inherit my husband’s grandmother’s), more uniquely shaped pieces such as these goblets from Pottery Barn, or glassware with a metallic rim, or even colored glassware (get something smokey colored to go with a lot of holidays or a color that matches your home decor for starters).

3. Cloth napkins.  These are awesome.  Nothing dresses up a table more than cloth – it’s vintage, yet modern, and can completely transform the personality of your table from somber and formal to whimsical to festive.  I have some hand-made ones (courtesy of me and my mom), some vintage ones (thanks, Grandma!) and then, of course, there’s always Pier1.  They’re not horrifically expensive most of the time, so you can always have a solid 8 of each kind of holiday on hand if you have the preference and the space.  Worst case, super cute paper napkins are available everywhere, so have fun at your local boutique that stocks ‘em seasonally!

4. Splurges.  My dad loves loves loves his holiday Wedgewood plates, platters and the like.  To the point where we’ve bought him like cake stands with his preferred pattern.  I myself got the Joy plates shown below at Crate & Barrel this year.  (have fun, they’re currently half the price of when I bought ‘em!)  But I don’t buy for every holiday.  Sometimes it’s just some chocolate gold and green streamers for St Patty’s Day, or chocolate eggs for Easter.  By the time I’m in my 60′s, I’ll likely have specialty items for every known holiday, but for now, it’s fun to slowly accumulate things I fall in love with.  And the search is half the fun!

Have a lovely, sparkly party!

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