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I was recently lucky enough to get the Reebok catalog in the mail (never had received one before – I must have bought something that put me on their list).  It showed up with the back cover facing up, so it was the first thing I saw, and I think I about drooled.

Their copper sneakers?  I covet them.  Please, Santa baby, put them under the tree for me!

But then I got thinking that their lovely silver, gold, copper or even plain white would be just enough dressy for under a bridal gown.  Not necessarily for those glamour shots or walking down the aisle (though you could totally do that too) but with so many metallics popping up in wedding design, they’d definitely fit right in, plus let you brides enjoy the day in comfort AND style.

Though, word to the wise, if you plan to spend most of the day or evening in these, take them to your fitting and make sure your hem will clear the floor when you’re wearing them.  If you go from 4in heels to these, you’ll be tripping over your dress the rest of the night…or holding onto it, instead of your honey.

(PS – Reebok totally has no idea I’m posting about them, so this is no ad for them…but it would be cool if they sent me a smiley face for the shout out! hahaha)

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