Videographer Costs – De-Mystified!

You cry.  You laugh.  You shake you head in embarrassment.  And you are so happy you went ahead and booked a videographer for your wedding day!

Photography is divine, and is definitely one of those things that’s worth the extra splurge on excellent professionalism and a preserved album, but video is something even more – it captures the essence of the atmosphere.  From the music, to the teary vows, to the hearty speeches – video puts a whole new dimension to your wedding day memories.

With the advent of flip cameras and cell phones, snippets of wedding days are easily grabbed by guests or a “budding friend” videographer.  What makes videographers so special (and, rightly so, a bit on the pricey side) are the hours and  hours and HOURS of editing time they spend after your wedding day.  Not only are they using highly professional equipment, and usually come with teams to make sure they capture many angles, they are finding angles and views that only come from experience.  Top that off with the ridiculous amount of time spent with their computer and your raw footage, and you’ve been given what is essentially a mini movie.

Sometimes hours long, but more often cut to less than an hour, or sometimes little “trailers” of a story, your wedding video is a custom-made, artisan created movie.  If you even think about the millions put into production of big budget films, you’ll get an appreciation for the few paltry hundreds you pay your videographer to basically recreate your day.

So, what does it all boil down to?  The cost of a videographer comes, at first, from equipment.  Whether they own or have to rent extra cameras, there’s the basic equipment coverage, as well as insurance and staff and editing software back home.  Back when it was all film, there was the cost of film, but thankfully now it’s digital (unless you pay for that vintage film look) so there’s not as much bulk for big equipment but even the newest gadgets are pretty pricey.  Then there is the prep time of testing the equipment, and the travel to the venue.  The time of the videographer that day is just as precious as a photographers, as are their assistants.  And usually a videographer is there longer than your photographer.

And then it comes down to the hours spent in the edit room.  Mixing music, and finding the right tracks, blending images and audio, and basically making a professional, personal tearjerker, all come with a price tag – or, if you did this on your own with countless video snippets from facebook, the cost of your sanity!

So, when you look at your budget, and think about your desire for a videographer weighed by the number, realize you’re not just paying for a product, or even a memory – your pay for something that’s worth it, and you’re probably even getting a steal as it is.

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