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Our Anniversary Party!

Well, it’s all over.  And I have to admit, for a day or so, I had the same let-down that I remember getting after our real wedding day – the soaring adrenaline crashes, you’ve had a lot of drinks, and you’re left with a house full of flowers and a ton of photographs.  Nothing can [...]

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Wedding Anniversary Favors!

In the chance I’ll be giving away the secret of my favors to any of my guests reading this blog this week, I just have to say how excited I am for my favors to be done this week!!  I’m a huge fan of edible favors – mainly because they get “used” as opposed to [...]

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Jenny & Ted: Modern Romance

Jenny and Ted met me shortly after I had had Wills, so our first meeting over delicious mexican food had a little baby in tow, who loved to have Jenny bounce him on her knees while we went over particulars.  We also discovered that we are all originally from the same area in central Wisconsin, [...]

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