BED 2010

It’s a little belated in coming out, but I do have to brag a little about our gigantically fabulous and wildly successful BED event weekend in July, which benefited Pathfinders.  The weather was opposite of last year: hot, spicy and perfect for the beach.  We started off the weekend with a big bonfire on the beach on Friday night, complete with great acts from the small to the large, and ending with Eddie Butts.  Divine!  S’mores could be made, dancing in the sand was a must, and we had a whole Dinghy Brigade show up and storm the beach at 8PM, fresh from the yachts in the marina.

Saturday brought more amazing weather and a great turnout for the beach volleyball tournament.  While that was happening, we had different radio stations and news channels stopping by for snippets of coverage as loads of young, strong and amazingly helpful volunteers helped drag oodles of pallets, mattresses and sheets to the 30 cabanas for the evening’s bash.  Chandeliers were hung from the ceiling, thanks to Exciting Events, and Steve White of UW-M fame hooked up the rest of the LEDS everywhere.  Party Floor came in from Chicago and put together a gleaming white dance floor, as a DJ spun music the entire time.

Thanks to Bartenders on the Go, we had great staff setting up the numerous lit bars, a martini bar from Great Lakes Distillery and a mojito bar, care of Ward’s House of Prime were also available.  By the time the big Mr. Lucky band came, we had Elegant Touch’s linens on, luminaria candles lit, and hordes of volunteers dressed in their outfits.

As cabanas filled, champagne was poured, and people strolled the beach, dropping off their shoes at the Shoe Check, getting a massage, or lounging in the swank furniture provided by CORT, the music was happening, and the guests were enjoying taking a plop on the Princess and the Pea bed, or relaxing in their cabanas.

By the end of the night, the charity had made great money during the raffle and live auctions, which featured a ridiculously awesome line-up of great trips and Milwaukee treats.  Couldn’t have done it without my husband, my staff, the amazing board members of Pathfinders, and the charity itself.  It’s always a ton of work, but the end result is worth it!  Come on down next year!

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